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Catalytic Chemistry Cell Allows catalytic chemists to activate catalysts, then study them in their Raman instruments.
Cold Cells Allows users to record Raman spectra of solids, semi-solid and liquid samples at low temperatures using the transfer gas design.
Electrochemical Cells A range of electrochemical cells for both FT Raman and CCD Raman instruments.
Hot Cells Allows users to heat solids, semi-solid or  liquid samples and to control the temperature precisely.
Humidity Cell Allows users to study powdered samples at temperatures between 40 and 180C in a controlled environment.
Macro-Micro Accessory Converts a microscope Raman into a macroscopic system.
Pharmaceutical Tablet Analyser Enables users to record an averaged spectum over the surface of a large inhomogenous specimen.
Autochanger Tablet/Liquid Sample Analyser  
Sample Rotators General purpose sample rotators to minimise sample heating.
Universal Power Supply (D2) A power supply system supporting the complete Ventacon product range EXCEPT the Tablet Analyser and Autochanger.
Power Supplies for Heated Cells (D5)

A power supply designed to support the range of Ventacon Heated Cells.

When ordering, please state with which spectrometer you wish to use the accessory.

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