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Fourier Transform Raman Spectrometers

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Humidity Cell

Ventacon's Series HH Humidity Cell enables the user to study powdered specimens at temperatures between 40 and 180C in a controlled environment.

The cell consists of an oven, made from anodized aluminium containing the rotating sample. The sample is held in a rotating tubular cuvette (diameter is ~6mm and height ~4mm) and is sealed at the bottom with a sintered glass frit. Gases are passed through internal drill ways and then downwards through the sample at pre-set constant temperatures (50-180C) and if desired at controlled humidity.Temperature control depends on sample, sample size and gas flow rate but customers regularly achieve + 0.1C.

To minimise the risk of sample heating due to the laser, a motor rotates the sample continuously at speeds between 0 and 50rpm.

The user must provide his own stream of gases/vapours needed to control the study environment. The sample temperatures are measured and controlled by a heater - Pt100 sensor combination. The HH Cell requires temperature sensing and control and also power to drive the rotation motor. These facilities are provided by the DII Series Universal power supply or the DV high temperature cell power supply.

All Ventacon FT Raman Cells are supplied packed in a high quality foam lined equipment case. All cells are supplied with a full set of operating instructions.