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Designed and optimised exclusively for
Fourier Transform Raman Spectrometers

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Series CAT-1-300 Cell System

The Ventacon Series CAT cell provides catalytic chemists with a facility to activate catalysts and then to study them in their F-T Raman instruments.

Most chemistry on catalysts involves heating the sample (in powder or pellet form) either in vacuum or in an oxidizing or reducing atmosphere as a first stage. The reactions that take place under these conditions normally make the catalyst active. Raman studies before and after activation can be highly informative.

Reactants passed over a heated specimen of the activated catalyst can then provide detailed information on the chemistry involved if one observes the in situ process and the makeup of the exhaust gas.

A popular method for the in situ analysis is vibrational spectroscopy - both infrared and Raman. Fluorescence tends to cause severe problems with Raman measurements but the use of near infrared sources and F-T processing minimise this particular nuisance.

The Ventacon CAT cell system comprises of a glass horizontal tube containing the catalyst held with glass wool pads inside a small oven surrounded with insulating material. Gas can be passed through the catalyst via external flexible tubes or the sample can be evacuated.