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Fourier Transform Raman Spectrometers

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T-1 Tablet Analyser†

The Ventacon Pharmaceutical Tablet Analyser is a device that enables Raman spectroscopists to record an averaged spectrum over the surface of a large inhomogenous specimen.

F-T Raman instruments record spectra from a small sample volume (typically a cylinder 1-2mm in length and ˝mm in diameter). For many purposes this is completely satisfactory but there are cases where quantitative measurements are required averaged over a far larger volume. A good example, but certainly not a unique one is a pharmaceutical tablet. Often of multi-layer construction, inhomogenous, irregular in shape and impressed with the manufacturer’s logo or numbers, an averaging process is essential. The same problem might arise in papers or cardboard, paint specimens and the like.

The Ventacon Series T analyser consists of a rotating "chuck" within which the tablet is held. The chuck rotates behind a thin glass window. The sample is slowly rotated off axis in the beam. At the same time, the axis of rotation is translated up and down. Hence the point analysed by the instrument, traces a spiral across the surface. This averages variations in content throughout the tablet and eliminates problems caused by logos or numbers stamped into the tablet surface. Another benefit in practice from this spiralling effect is that sample heating by the laser is minimised. See description of Ventacon Sample Rotators (Series SR) for more details.

The tablet analyser is powered using the Ventacon Series D Universal or DIII Mk2 Power Supplies. The speed of operation and the periodicity of the vertical movement are controlled electrically from the power supply. The speed of rotation and the amount of vertical movement can be adjusted to suit your requirements. The tablet analyser may also be used to examine paints, soils, gum, rubber, plastics, paper or board.