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Ventacon Limited


Designed and optimised exclusively for
Fourier Transform Raman Spectrometers


Series D2 Power Supply

The Ventacon Universal Power Supply is a sophisticated unit capable of supporting the complete range of Ventacon cells for infrared, near infrared and Raman spectroscopies. These include Raman high and low temperature cells, tablet analysers# and rotators, kinetic and catalyst cells and near infrared transmission cells. The power supply incorporates two types of output:

  • Switched Temperature control circuits. These support high and low temperature cells. The temperature of the cell is monitored using either a copper constantin thermocouple or a platinum resistance thermometric unit (Pt100). The sensor output is fed to a CAL differential proportional controlled which switches outputs that energise the heater elements in the Ventacon range of hot and cold cells. All heater outputs are DC and are stabilised. They operate at low voltages and one terminal is grounded.

  • Continuous outputs. The Ventacon Universal Supply provides two independent voltage outputs to support the range of sample rotators and tablet analysers. It is also used in the catalysis cell and humidity cells. These outputs can be altered in level by operating potentiometers on the front face of the supply.

    The unit also produces a constant level low voltage output and a high current low voltage pulsed output to drive the stirrer of the Ventacon Kinetic cell.