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Ventacon, launched by Prof. Patrick Hendra of Southampton University, was established primarily to manufacture cells for Fourier Transform Raman Spectrometers. Since 1983 Ventacon has supplied a unique and comprehensive range of cells for Raman spectroscopy, plus an expanding range of Near Infrared cells enabling spectroscopists to study specimens in widely varying environments - vacuum, under gas, cooled or heated, solid or liquid and even in-situ, in electrochemical cells.

Raman Product Range
NIR Product Range

The company retains an impressive clientele, including Thermo Nicolet, Renishaw, many universities, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

Ventacon UK's standard product range were originally conceived by Professor Pat Hendra from the University of Southampton, now retired. He is on hand as Ventacon UK's specialist point of contact.

Our small and dedicated company aims to demonstrate its commitment to the Scientific Community by offering innovative products of high quality at very reasonable prices. In addition Customer Service remains our utmost priority.

The company offers a bespoke service. We can apply a wealth of experience in the manufacture of specialist accessories. We are very experienced in the development of systems to meet any Spectroscopic requirement.  Click here to see the ways of contacting us. 

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