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Ventacon Limited


Designed and optimised exclusively for Modern Microscope based
and Fourier Transform Raman Spectrometers


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Ventacon Macro-Micro Accessory main units
from left to right: lenses 16mm, 25mm and 40mm; mirror/lens assembly; cuvette holder on accessory stage; solid sample holding ledge; liquids holder)

Owners of the very popular microscope based Raman spectrometer systems (almost always based on spectrographs and CCD detectors) examine samples by back-scatter using their microscope objectives as both laser focussing lenses and at the same time scattered light collector. When analysing samples at the microscope level, these instruments are unequally valuable but for routine use they do suffer from the limitation that the sample must be small enough to 'fit' beneath the objectives.

The Ventacon Macro-Micro accessory converts a microscope Raman into a macroscopic system. The change is fully reversible so users have the 'best of both worlds'. The accessory consists of a mirror/lens assembly and macro sample holders. In fact, the accessory stage enables users to fit the full range of Ventacon accessories - hot cells, cryogenic cells, bottle holders etc. The mirror/lens assembly screws into one of the threaded apertures in your microscope objective turret and carries a reflector turning the optic axis from vertical to horizontal.