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As the World Wide Web grows, finding information can be extremely time consuming. To help you find other sources of information relating to Raman Spectroscopy, we have listed some useful URLs.

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Published free of charge and available exclusively on the World Wide Web, this exciting interactive journal brings you all the latest news and operational information on vibrational spectroscopy, its techniques and applications.

Whatever your level of specialisation, you'll find the articles interesting and stimulating. Each issue features pieces aimed at occasional users, analysts and applied spectroscopists. Readers are invited to write in with queries and comments, to share tips and advice. The style is deliberately informed and easy to read. And of course - its FREE!

In each of the six editions published during the year, we'll also be featuring contributed articles; so start writing about your favourite subject. We can't guarantee to print every piece we receive, but if it's topical, interesting and informative, we'll make sure our readers know about it.

You'll find more information on IJVS, including how to submit articles, on the Publication Page within our web site - www.ijvs.com. Also included is our own regularly updated links page - www.ijvs.com/links.html full of useful and informative links to other spectroscopy sites.

rubberduck.jpg (16246 bytes) Fourier Transform Raman Spectroscopy
Instrumentation and chemical applications

Patrick Hendra
Catherine Jones
Gavin Warnes

Get your copy of this useful and informative book (only available through Ventacon) for ONLY £20.00 (UK Sterling).
As many multinational manufacturers are announcing new FT Raman spectrometers, it is inevitable that a renaissance in analytical Raman spectroscopy will occur. This book has been written to inform the analyst of these advances in Raman spectroscopy, enabling them to capitalize on the new technology.

Not intended to be a comprehensive theoretical text, but rather a more practical guide, the book covers sufficient theory to allow those new to Raman spectroscopy to understand the origin of effect, and those already familiar with the technique to realize the vast improvement in versatility which FT methods allow. The instrumentation has been described to enable the reader to appreciate the various compromises which are inevitably made in spectrometer design and specification. The applications and instrumentation of the conventional and FT Raman methods are compared, and the authors emphasize the superior versatility of the FT technique by surveying its vast range of applications. Examples are given in the fields of polymer science, surface chemistry, biological systems, organic and inorganic analysis and quantitative methods.

Fourier Transform Raman Spectroscopy will revolutionize the in-situ vibrational analysis of a vast range of materials. The front cover shows the interferogram and FT Raman spectrum of a moulded plastic duck, the sort of sample very difficult to analyze non-destructively using conventional techniques.

renishaw.jpg (62893 bytes) Renishaw plc

The Raman division makes Raman spectrometers based on CCDs. Ventacon manufacturers several of their accessories.

nic.jpg (2321 bytes) Nicolet Instrument Corporation

Thermo Nicolet make a range of FT Raman instruments. Ventacon supply a whole range of cells for these.

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