3 standard holding cups are provided:

Cup Diameter Depth
1 3mm 3mm
2 6mm 3mm
3 12mm 5mm

Should you require an alternative sized holding cup, please provide Ventacon with precise measurements. Please order using product code T-11.


In many analytical situations, practitioners are concerned that absorption of the laser radiation will heat their sample to an unknown and unacceptable degree. By tracing a spiral track across the sample, heating can be minimised so the Ventacon Tablet Analyser has been used successfully to examine sheets of polymer, rubbers, paints and other absorbers where static measurements would have resulted in sample burning.

All Ventacon cells operate in the sample area of your F-T Raman instrument with the lid closed. See Safe Operation page for details on communication between the cell and the laboratory.

Code Description
T-1 Pharmaceutical Tablet Analyser supplied with 3 sample holding cups
T-11 Sample holding cups - special sizes

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