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Do not switch on the power unit unless all the connectors have been plugged in and connected to the sampler. Serious damage will occur to the system if the stepper motor is disconnected whilst the power is switched on. Allow 30 seconds after switching off.

Never drop tablets in to the carousel when it is running, i.e. the rotor is spinning.

The system comprises of two units – a tablet carousel/changer and a power supply unit. The carousel is supplied with 7 tablet holders and 7 matching chucks. You will be shown how to change these so that tablets of several sizes can be examined. You cannot mix tablet sizes in one sequence.

To operate the system successfully you must follow precisely the following instructions:-


Assemble the complete system on the bench and test it thoroughly before installing it in the spectrometer. Select the appropriate carousel unit from the case & fit this and its tablet chuck to the base unit as has been explained to you.

The steps involved are:-

  1. Remove the chuck from the carousel & fit it to the base unit. Turn it gently until it engages with the indent in the nose of the rotator. An "O" ring is ALWAYS fitted between the chuck & motor unit.
  2. Very gently but firmly align the carousel assembly on the chuck & push it onto the two S.S. pins. Engage the two M3 screws. (If they have fallen from the assembly the screws fitted with fibre washers enter the two holes marked with red paint flashes). Tighten the screws making sure that alignment is maintained.
  3. Connect the two cables to the power supply and to the tablet changer. The socket painted green fits into the carousel unit the other into the base. Connect the rubber tubes to the power unit, vacuum source & tablet changer.
  4. Then, and only then, turn on in sequence the Vacuum source then Power Supply.
  5. Load tablets into the carousel.
  6. Press the red button on the supply – the motors will start on the changer. Check that both rotation & vertical movement are occurring as you would wish. The amplitude & periodicity of the vertical movement are adjustable.

  7. Amplitude – remove the M3 screw under the tablet chuck & select another threaded hole. Moving towards the pivot reduces the amplitude.

    Periodicity – an adjustment knob will be found on the power supply.

  8. Turn the key-switch clockwise. Press the black knob. The changer will now execute a change sequence. Once complete press the black knob again until you are satisfied. Turn the key switch anti-clockwise.

Once you are completely satisfied of correct operation install the system in the Raman Sample Area.


  1. Fit the carousel/changer unit into the spectrometer.
  2. Connect one of the tubes supplied to the carousel, route it through the light trap and then connect it to the power supply as indicated.
  3. Connect the supplied cables to the carousel, pass them through the light trap and connect them to the power supply.
  4. Connect the power supply to either a vacuum pump or your laboratory supply and TURN ON.
  5. Turn on the power to the control unit
  6. Identify the first tablet position.
  7. Load with tablets. One will drop down in to the scanning position and hence be #1.
  8. Switch on the spectrometer. Set to monitor and adjust the sample position to ‘best position’ in the normal way. Stop monitor.
  9. Press Start on the control unit.
  10. Start the multi-sample sequence on the spectrometer.

The power control unit assumes that you will not acquire data on any one sample for more than 15 minutes. If this restriction is unacceptable please request assistance (alterations can be made).

Once the last tablet has been examined (whether this be after 1, 2 or up to 20 tablets) the machine will go in to its standby mode.

It is assumed that you have set the instrument to record spectra one after another.
Record – stand – Record – stand ---------- finish.
We advise that you allow 1 minute of stand time. Please note that there is no way of identifying your spectra with the individual tablet. The spectra are recorded in sequence from tablet 1 so your loading of the carousel is critical.

Should a tablet fail to fall from the carousel in to the analysis position the Ventacon machine will go in to its standby mode so that no confusion can be generated concerning the correlation between the tablets and their spectra.

Tablets can either be allowed to fall into the bottom of the Raman sample area or they can be collected in one of two troughs supplied.

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