Ventacon can supply a light trap to fit permanently into this aperture allowing cables and tubes to exit the sample chamber in complete safety. Further information on cabling can be found on the Safe Operations page.

All Nicolet accessory users planning to purchase Ventacon products (except those buying the Model SR-1 Sample Rotator and battery pack Model D-4) must purchase and fit safely the Ventacon Model A-22 Light Trap into this aperture before attempting to use the company’s products.

Note : Operation of the Raman system with the metal sample aperture removed and left open , or with the lid open and the instrument manufacturer’s interlocks over-ridden is EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS.

a-22.jpg (7627 bytes)

Model A-22 Light Trap


Code Description
A-11 Adaptor to enable Nicolet instrument users to accommodate 3" x 2" ‘infrared cards’

Light trap for Nicolet F-T Raman Spectrometers.

Essential if Series H, C, EC, K and other cells requiring cables or tubes to be passed out of the sample chamber or to be used.

Model SR-1 Sample Rotator
Series C Cold Cells
Series H Hot Cells
Installation Instructions


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