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To activate the catalyst temperatures up to 450 °C can be applied. To study the Raman spectra, the temperature range must be restricted to Room Temp to 200 șC. Coupling between the CAT cell is maintained using industry standard 1/16" capillary stainless steel tubing.

Activated catalysts are frequently coloured and hence absorb the incident laser radiation when studying the Raman spectra. It is well established that this absorption can be minimised by moving the sample beneath the laser beam continuously. The Ventacon CAT cell gently moves up and down whilst spectra are recorded hence the laser beam tracks across the catalyst surface. The Ventacon CAT cell system must be powered by the Ventacon D Series Universal Power supply. These supplies provide energy for the oven and power and control the vertical translation system. All Ventacon cells operate within the sample chamber with the lid closed. See Safe Operation page for details of methods of communication between the sample area and the laboratory.


Code Description

Catalyst cell including 3 spare borosilicate reaction tubes and 2m of capillary stainless steel tubing. This system is optimised for the Nicolet Range of instruments.

Three versions are available - CAT-1-200, CAT-1-300 and CAT-1-450. The last three figures refer to the maximum temperature to which the Cell will operate. Raman spectra cannot be recorded above 200 °C.

When ordering, please state with which spectrometer you wish to use the accessory.

CAUTION - The CAT-1-300 and CAT-1-450 Cells will operate at temperatures well above 200 °C. THEY CANNOT BE PLACED INSIDE THE SAMPLE AREA WHEN ABOVE 200 °C.

D Series Universal Power Supply
Operating Instructions


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