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• Plug the Cell to be used into the unit.
• Power up the P.S.U.
• Plug in the Comms lead to the Serial Port until a click is heard.
• Connect the other end to any available comms port on the P.C. (Male D-type connector).
• A 9-way male to 25-way female D-type adaptor may be required – available at any p.c. store.

• Press and hold DOWN and UP keys on the CAL 3300 temperature controller until TUNE is displayed. Release the buttons.
• Press DOWN key until LEVL.
• Hold * and press DOWN key until C. Release buttons.
• Press UP key to ADDR.
• Hold * and press UP key to 1. Release buttons.
• Press UP key to BAUD.
• Hold * and press DOWN or UP key, as appropriate, to 9600. Release buttons.
• Press and hold DOWN and UP keys until display changes back to normal. Release buttons.

• Power up the p.c.
• Install the Calcomms software on the p.c. – run a:\setup.exe.
• Follow the on screen instructions.

• Run Calcomms.
• Select the ‘Instrument’ tab - add 3300.
• Select the instrument tab – parameters.
• Select the user level tab.
• Set modbus address to 1 - ‘Update’ – ‘Yes’.
• Select the Comms tab.
• Choose comms port 1 then ‘open comms’ – Downloading.

At this point the CAL 3300 is under the control of the Calcomms interface.

• To make changes - Select the instrument tab – parameters.

N.B. Any alterations made in the ‘parameters’ mode must be followed by ‘update’ to tell the CAL unit to change its settings.

If any problems are encountered or more comprehensive use is required refer to Calcomms manual.



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