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The Rotator is constructed in two parts –

  • An Adaptor to match the Bruker sample support and
  • The Rotator itself.

  • You will also find a Battery Pack in the carrying case if this has been ordered.

To install the rotator proceed as follows –

  1. Remove the standard Bruker sample holder. You will reveal a metal block with 4 x M3 holes.
  2. Remove the two finger screws from the rotator and pull the rotator itself off the adaptor.
  3. Fit the adaptor to the Bruker stage. Several sets of holes are drilled in the adaptor to allow for the range of configuration offered by Bruker. You will need four M3 countersunk socket screws. These, with an Allen key are supplied.
  4. Fit the rotator and gently tighten the two finger screws.
  5. Plug the model DIV Battery pack into the lead on the rotator and switch on and adjust the speed to your requirements.

  6. The battery in the DIV Battery pack is a 9V PP3 battery.
    Any battery of this size can be used including re-chargeable ones.

  7. If you have available either the DIII or DII mains powered supplies, plug the DIN plug into the 12v output position. The motor speed can be adjusted by ONE of the speed control knobs.

We recommend you use maximum rotation speed. In some rare cases eg where very sharp bands are encountered, it is worth experimenting with slower speeds. You may find that the spectral noise is reduced.

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