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Designed and optimised exclusively for
Fourier Transform Raman Spectrometers

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- SERIES D3 & D4

The Model D-4 Battery Pack

Although the Ventacon D2 Universal Power Supply is an ideal solution to power all Ventacon products, purchasers of the Series SR Sample Rotators or the pharmaceutical tablet analyser who have no plans either now or in the future to heat or cool samples or to operate a kinetics systems may need a more economic solution. Ventacon offers two such supplies the D-3 Mains Powered Rotator Supply and the D-4 Battery Pack.

The Model D3 supply is based on the MkII D1 Universal Supply and contains all the features appropriate to the sample rotator, but does not include any other supplies. Thus two 12v outputs independently adjusted by potentiometers are provided enabling users to support the Model T-1 Tablet Analyser and, of course, the whole series of SR Sample Rotators involving both simple rotation and also vertical translation.

The Model D-4 Battery Pack contains a PP3 dry battery, is switched and houses a single potentiometer and is suitable for the simple Sample Rotators.

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Model D4 - Battery Pack connected to a simple sample rotator (Nicolet version).