This device is one of the most sophisticated controllers available. It is of the differential proportional type and will operate over a very wide range of operating parameters (sample time, differential temperature etc). These parameters can be altered manually, but the CAL controller incorporates an 'Auto Tune' function. Once activated, the controller will measure the response of the cell and optimise the monitoring and control parameters. Depending on the cell type and its operating temperature, it is almost always possible to control Ventacon cells to within 0.5C of the set value. In most cases +0.1C is easily achieved.

The actual temperature of the cell is displayed on the screen. Depressing one button reveals the set temperature, which can, of course, be altered at will. The CAL controller is fitted with a computer control facility and this reads out to a connector on the rear face of the power supply.

A set of CALComm software is supplied on disk. Once loaded on the computer and connected to the power supply, the computer duplicates all functions available through the button controls on the CAL unit itself. In addition, it provides ramping facilities and also timed 'holds' enabling the user to define a thermal programme. One further advantage of using the CALComm system is that all thermal data is logged.

One computer loaded with CALComm software can control up to 128 controllers. If the user plans to use more that one Ventacon Universal Supply and/or more than one of the Ventacon range that includes CAL units the user may not need to purchase a second set of software. Hence, we make available the Universal Supply with and without CALComm software.


Code Description
Model D-2
Universal Power Supply
Outputs as defined above. Input 110-240v, 50-60Hz. Delivered with CALComm software
Model D-21
Universal Power Supply
Outputs as defined above. Input different from above. Please specify when ordering. Delivered with CALComm software
Model D-22 As for Model D-2 but supplied WITHOUT CALComm software.
Model D-23 As for Model D-21 but supplied WITHOUT CALComm software

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