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The Ventacon Macro-Micro accessory comes with two lenses of 25mm and 40mm f.l. which fit onto the nose of the mirror/lens assembly enabling users to look at samples exactly as on an F-T or conventional Raman instrument.

Many micro Raman users have access to 'long focus' objectives. These superb but expensive lenses are ideal for both Micro and Macro Raman spectroscopy. The mirror/lens assembly is designed to accommodate your microscope objectives should you wish to use them.

The accessory stage comprises of a metal table fitted with a vertical accessory stand capable of supporting industry standard 3" x 2" sample 'cards'. As a result, users can accommodate any infrared sample examining them without any modification. Equally, users can hold all the Ventacon accessories normally mounted on the 3" x 2" 'cards'. These include:

  • Series H Hot Cells
  • Series MS Micro Solids Cells
  • Series E Electrochemical Cell
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Mirror/Lens assembly with fitting tool.
Component to left fits into objective nose.
Component at front-fitting key


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