Temperature sensing is achieved using platinum resistance thermometry and control is made using a most sophisticated differential proportional controller, itself controlled and logged using an external computer via an RS232 line [See D Series controller and description and specification pages for more details].

For some experimental reasons, customers need to reduce the temperature of their sample as rapidly as convection allows. The Ventacon HNIR system provides for this requirement by incorporating water cooling passages inside the metalwork of the oven. Of course, there can never be a guarantee that the true sample temperature will accurately follow that of the oven, but the temperature of the oven is continuously displayed on the Series D power supply as cooling is applied.

We optimise the cell configuration on the assumption that standard 10mm cuvettes are used. The relevant dimensions are given below.

heatednir.htm_txt_hnirdiagram_cmp.gif (6362 bytes)
Entrance and exit apertures are greater than or equal to 12mm.
Cuvette width is 10mm.

The configuration suits all the various Perkin Elmer Near Infrared instruments and most others, but you are advised to check with your manufacturer that the cell apertures are adequate for your needs. Should you need a different configuration, please consult us.

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