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Ventacon Limited


Designed and optimised exclusively for
Modern F-T Infrared and NIR Spectrometers

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NIR Transmission
Precision Heated Cells

- Series HNIR

Series HNR-1 Near Infrared cell. Note a window is mounted into the 3"x2" industry standard card and also the close fitting lid. The cell can be water cooled - the red tubes are for this purpose.

The newly developed Ventacon Model HNIR-1 cell system fills a gap in the market - a near infrared transmission cell system able to accommodate path lengths between 5 and 20mm heated and controlled very precisely to preset temperatures between 40 and 185 C.

The cell unit is capable of holding cuvettes between 5 and 20mm in path-length. The kit includes four cuvettes - 1 x 5mm, 2 x 10mm and 1 x 20mm in quartz or glass. Each cuvette is supplied with a PTFE lid. The very precisely made oven holds these cuvettes, is mounted on an industry standard 3"x2" "card" and is controlled by our Ventacon D II Series Universal Power Supply or the Ventacon D 5 high temperature cell power supply. Although we only claim a precision and control of C, most customers achieve 0.1C or even better on operation. To achieve this performance, the cuvettes are lightly clamped into an aluminium alloy oven. Obviously, air circulation would ruin the quality of the temperature control thus a close-fitting lid is supplied to minimise this problem.

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HNR-1 Near Infrared cell -
lid removed. 3 cuvettes and one spacer stand in front of the cell.
A 10mm cuvette and spacer
are fitted in the cell.