Cells for use under microscope objectives

Ventacon has developed a unique range of cells to specificationsprovided originally by the Raman spectro electrochemical group at the University of Southampton for use on microscope based Raman spectrometers such as the Renishaw and JASCO instruments. These cells incorporate horizontal windows and horizontal working electrodes, the laser / collection direction being vertical.

Contact to the working electrode is made from above so that electrodes as films on non conducting substances are accessible.

These cells are designed to allow the user to introduce and/or change the elctrolyte quickly and even to flow the electrolyte through the cell. Reference is provided through an external pocket connected by 1/16" PTFE tubing to the cell body.

Variants of the cell incorporating a water jacket to control the temperature have also been developed.

Special features of all these cells include very short working distances and minimal dead space. They have also proved to be very reliable. In some examples more than 200 series of experiments have been completed before overhaul was required.

These cells are carefully designed to suit your requirements and Ventacon should be contacted directly to discuss your precise needs. A solution to your needs will then be designed and a quotation offered.

An example of one of these microscope cells is illustrated below.

It is used with a textured gold coated working electrode to provide SERS spectra from biochemical solutions as electrolytes.


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