The Ventacon Series DG dry-gas-generators provide a really low cost solution to the water vapour and CO2 problem in infrared spectroscopy. They can be used to purge accessories or the complete spectrometer or both. The DG generator consists of a stainless steel thermally insulated container of nominal capacity 1½litre fitted with a heater - gas handling core [H] mounted and sealed in its neck. A filler [F] is provided closed by a safety valve [S].

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Heated Core

Schematic of Dry Nitrogen Generator

Operated without heating a steady "standby" flow of clean gas is generated. If the built-in electrical heating is activated, the rate of gas generation is considerably increased. A simple power supply is provided with the system, which is enclosed in a camera type carrying/storage case.


Around 1litre of liquid nitrogen is poured into the thermally insulated container and slowly boils. The gas generated passes up through the head [H] and away through a detachable silicone rubber tube [ST]. A quick release coupling [C] is provided for your convenience. The filler tube [F] is closed by a safety valve [S]. A filler funnel is supplied. A resistor is housed inside HT and this can be energised by a low voltage source, which plugs into your electrical outlet. The specification of the gas generator is as follows:-

Useful volume of liquid nitrogen about 1litre (equivalent to about 800l of dry nitrogen
at room temperature)
Rate of gas generation in "standby" mode 1-2 l/minute
Rate of gas generation using low voltage electrical power unit supplied in the kit 2-4 l/minute

Some spectroscopists wish to monitor the dry gas flow-rate continuously. The Model DG-2 device incorporates a flow meter.

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