The system relies on a timed sequence. This is initiated by a hand-shake from the spectrometer indicating that the Raman analysis is complete.

t2diagram.gif (7462 bytes)

Carousels are tailor made to suit the individual users tablet sizes. Tablets can be round, lozenge shaped or cylindrical. They can vary between 15 and 100 mg in weight. Changing the carousel from one tablet size to another takes approx. 3 minutes to complete. Where liquids are involved a similar but not identical sequence is used.

The accessory needs considerable support. A complex bench mounted unit is supplied to provide stepper motor, D.C. motor, and other supplies. The entire system is microprocessor controlled.


Your requirement (liquids or tablets, tablet size or shape, Raman instrument) are personal to you. Please do not order until you have discussed your exact requirement with Ventacon Wotton.

Code Description
T2 Autochanger Tablet Analyzer System comprises the Model T2 accessory including 1 off carousel to suit a tablet the customer must supply. The accessory is driven by a mains powered  unit.
Model T2 Alternative carousel Available to order to suit tablet size of your choice#

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