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New Products Winter 2011 / 2012


Ventacon is to launch upgrades to the DII Universal Power Supply Unit, the DV Hot Cell Power Supply and some of the offerings in its Raman accessory range.

  • Hot cells suitable for the examination of solids and liquids at temperatures up to 500°C (see H-series Cells).
  • An Electrochemical cell with a wide range of working metallic electrodes (see E-series cells).
  • Single axis and dual direction rotators (see R-series products).
  • A stand to hold infrared standard 3" x 2" cards.

These will enable you to study the Raman spectra of infrared samples and an ever wider range of specimens have been produced.

Many of these accessories will fit the Renishaw, Jobin-Yvon and Jasco ranges of microscope Raman instruments - again please see our product descriptions for details.

A range of Raman Electrochemical Cell Systems enabling spectro-electrochemists to study working specialist surfaces on glass substrates in a comprehensive electrochemical environment has been development and announced. These systems are compatible with all the currently available Microscope based Raman instruments. For preliminary details and enquiries please Phone +44-1962-776314.